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Hot Chiles – Salsa Recipes

How Warm Are Those Peppers? Hot Chiles, by and large, the bigger the pepper, the milder it is; the smaller, the hotter. The ribs of the peppers are where most of the capsaicin–the chemical that causes the mouth and skin to burn–is concentrated, but the seeds also contain a bit of the capsaicin. Removing the … Continue reading Hot Chiles – Salsa Recipes

homemade tex mex salsa recipe

Homemade Tex Mex Salsa Recipe

Tex Mex Salsa Tex Mex Salsa Recipe is extremely easy to throw together. Just about all the ingredients are yes straight from the can, be sure to drain the chiles and the olives. The green onion will give some great color contrast so chop up the tops as well. Homemade “Tex Mex” Salsa   Save … Continue reading Homemade Tex Mex Salsa Recipe

just enough heat of picante

Picante Salsa

Homemade Picante Salsa Recipe Picante Salsa will add a delicious kick to your favorite cheese nachos and chicken quesadilla. Whenever you tire of making the same old side dishes, liven up any meal, stir mouthwatering picante sauce into your cooked rice for a zesty side dish your whole family will love. Homemade Picante Salsa   … Continue reading Picante Salsa

Yellow Tam Habanero

Mild Golden Yellow Habanero

Mild Golden Yellow Habanero Coming Soon to a Garden Near You by Capt’n Salsa Wow Look! A mild Habanero that will not bring tears to your eyes. I absolutely crave and love the flavorful taste of the Habanero Pepper but just can’t bear the toe curling heat. Coming soon to your favorite farmer’s market and … Continue reading Mild Golden Yellow Habanero

Habanero Hot Sauce

Habanero Hot Sauce

Habanero Hot Sauce “Ouch! That Hurts” Firey Habanero Salsa Searching for the hottest Habanero hot sauce? Here is a short survival guide for the uninitiated that just might prevent a blistering experience. If you have the desire for heat the habanero peppers will give you one of the biggest bangs for your buck. In other … Continue reading Habanero Hot Sauce

The Habanero Chile

The Habanero Chile

The Habanero Chile By Jerry Powell A friend of mine once told me there is more to the culinary life than chile peppers. He might be right, but he keeps telling me this over my diner table, so go figure. The habanero chile (Capsicum chinense Jacquin) is the most intensely spicy chile pepper of the … Continue reading The Habanero Chile

Mango Habanero Salsa

Mango Habanero Salsa

Mango Habanero Salsa Mango Habanero Salsa is a very light and tropical salsa recipe, with a fruity taste and lots of heat not to mention the delicious aroma. You will love this salsa with any fish and chicken dish. Warning! Scotch Bonnet Chilies are extremely hot. If you are not accustomed to really spicy food … Continue reading Mango Habanero Salsa