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Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa de Tomatillos

Sensational Chicken Enchiladas

Enchanting Chicken Enchiladas The secret to this wonderful enchiladas recipe is the Salsa de Tomatillos, it is very easy to make and will enhance all of your Mexican food recipes. You can use it with Chicken Enchiladas, tacos and burritos for an authentic Mexican food taste delight. The recipe to this savory sauce can be … Continue reading Sensational Chicken Enchiladas

Finding First Class Recipes

Finding First Class Recipes

Find A Dynamite Recipe To Wow Guests Trying to find a dynamite recipe to wow guests or cook up a special supper for your special someone? Finding the best recipes is simple. First, perform a careful analysis of the situation for which you are cooking to narrow down the search. Cookbooks are very specific, so … Continue reading Finding First Class Recipes

Arroz con Pollo | Mexican Food Recipes | Chicken with Rice

Arroz con Pollo

Chicken with Rice Arroz con Pollo Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar Ingredients6 chicken pieces (legs and breasts), skinned2 teaspoons vegetable oil2 cups water2 cups Chicken Broth2 tomatoes, chopped1/2 cup green pepper, roasted and chopped1/4 cup red pepper, roasted and chopped1/4 cup celery, diced1 medium carrot, grated1/4 cup corn, frozen1/2 cup … Continue reading Arroz con Pollo