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homemade pico de gallo

Need to Create a Mouth Watering Pico de Gallo?

Rooster’s Beak, Really? Pico De Gallo Did You Say “Rooster Beak”? Pico de Gallo, a great salsa recipes, Jicama and chopped oranges, seasoned with chile piquin and lime juice make this an incredible authentic easy Mexican food recipe. What does it mean in English? Pico de Gallo means “rooster’s beak”, it’s said this fabulous little dish was … Continue reading Need to Create a Mouth Watering Pico de Gallo?

Spicy Jicama Salsa Recipe

Hot Spicy Jicama Salsa

Canning Salsa: Hot Spicy Jicama Salsa Hot Spicy Jicama Salsa Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar Ingredients9 cups diced Jicama (you will need about 4 pounds purchased Jicama)1 tablespoon whole mixed pickling spice1 two-inch stick cinnamon8 cups white vinegar (5 percent)4 cups sugar2 teaspoons crushed red pepper4 cups diced yellow bell … Continue reading Hot Spicy Jicama Salsa