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Serrano Chiles

Corn Black Bean Salsa

Serrano Chiles Fire Up Corn Black Bean Salsa The Serrano chiles fire up this corn black bean salsa. You can serve it with beef or a meaty fish like swordfish or tuna. Lunch, dinner or any-get-together this recipe is sure to impress. Bring something nice to the table and turn any meal into a fabulous … Continue reading Corn Black Bean Salsa

Wonderful Black Bean Salsa Recipe

Black Bean Salsa Recipe Pass it On Sharing recipes is fun and rewarding. Peggy was kind enough to share this delicious Black Bean Salsa Recipe. It will soon become one of your favorites. Here is a wonderful twist to a black bean salsa recipe. Thanks to Wayne and Karen for thinking of the rest of … Continue reading Wonderful Black Bean Salsa Recipe

Delightful Black Bean Salsa

Delightful Black Bean Salsa

A Remarkable And Marvelous Contrast For Mexican Food Black Bean Salsa recipes with the deep black color provides for a noticeable and splendid contrast to the more common reds and greens of the typical serving of Mexican food. This great salsa is delightful on its own in a bowl topped with sour cream, crisp tortilla … Continue reading Delightful Black Bean Salsa