Yellow Tam Habanero

Mild Golden Yellow Habanero

Mild Golden Yellow Habanero
Coming Soon to a Garden Near You

by Capt’n Salsa

Wow Look!

A mild Habanero that will not bring tears to your eyes. I absolutely crave and love the flavorful taste of the Habanero Pepper but just can’t bear the toe curling heat.

Coming soon to your favorite farmer’s market and your own backyard garden, the Tam Mild Habanero Pepper.

The perfect ingredient you need for your favorite habanero hot sauce or can we simply say “mild hot sauce”?

Look what the scientist accomplished at the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in Weslaco, Texas.

TAM Mild Jalapeno Chile

Imagine a mild golden yellow habanero chile with robust flavor and just enough capsaicin level to still give some punch to your favorite salsa recipes. A delicious palate pleasing habanero that will not bring tears to your eyes or curl your toes.

The dilemma was to keep the great habanero robust flavor while eliminating the heat. No easy task for the plant breeders.

How did they do it? The Tam Mild Habanero.

Yellow Tam HabaneroCrossing one of the hottest peppers in the world, the Golden Yucatán Habanero with characteristics of excellent taste and extremely high spiciness.

Capsaicin level of 12,700 parts per million. with the less flavorful and virtually tasteless, Bolivian variety of pepper.

The pepper growers were able to develop the Tam Mild Habanero Chile with only 150 parts per million of capsaicin.

“We found a few of the progeny with good flavor and low heat. We isolated them and took the best plants to backcross with the Yucatan..” says Kevin Crosby of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station.

“We looked for plants that were heat tolerant, early to mature, producing a high yield and were insect resistant, too”

This winning combination most important to the growers, the Tam Mild Habanero will produce a valuable cash crop. Soon farmers will harvest 10,000 to 15,000 pounds per acre of this yellow colorful pepper. Selling the bounty for eight to ten times more per pound than Jalepaños.

Watch for the Tam Mild Habanero at a market close to you soon.

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