How many ways do you like chiles? | Homemade Salsa Recipes

Have you ever made one of your incredibe salsas and not be able to enjoy it because of your burning hands.

Do you have a lot of questions about chiles?

  • How do I get all those seeds out of those little dried up raisin looking pods anyway?
  • What are the best ones to buy? Green, red, yellow, orange and “flame red”, just about every color of the rainbow!
  • How do you store them?
  • What is the best way to roast´em?


Well, let me try to clear up some of the confusion…

To keep it simple, let´s say that you will use green chiles primarily after they have been roasted and peeled, and you will use the red ones in the form of a ground powder or chili paste.

All those rainbow colors are a just a natural process in the growth cycle of the chile. You see it starts out green and proceeds to ripen through the various colors of the chili rainbow.

Now that we are straight on the colors, just look at all those spellings, what is the correct one?

Interestingly, they all are…

Chile is the singular form in Spanish with Chiles being the plural form. The “Ingles” form is Chili and Chilies, respectively.

“Hello, Capt’n Salsa here from great-salsa.”

I am going to take the next few moments and try to answer some of your questions you might have about Chilies from tips on handling to roasting, and making your own chili powder.


Then we will tie it all together with some great recipes for one of my favorite foods…

Yep, Salsa!

First things first got to get rid of those burning hands

Oh, you say your mouth too” well ok… Let´s start with the hands.

Now, CAUTION handling hot green chiles.

Handling Chiles? 


Do you have a favorite salsa recipe?

Remember when you were receiving all those compliments from your family and friends about how great your salsa is?

Do you remember how exciting all those complements were for you. If you are like me you really enjoy sharing your great cooking with others.

Hey, I sure you do. So go ahead and submit one of your favorite recipes right now and the ol’ Capt’n will get it posted faster than you can roast a pablano chile.

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