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It is simply a matter of taste and what ingredients you may have on hand.

Salsa Gardening

As we recover from the frosts and snow from the last couple weeks, hopefully we can turn a corner and move forward with warm temperatures and get our plants really Source: Salsa Gardening

homemade pico de gallo

Create a Mouth Watering Pico de Gallo | Great Salsa Recipe

Rooster’s Beak, Really? Spicy Pico De Gallo Recipe   Did You Say “Rooster Beak”? Pico de Gallo, great salsa recipes, Jicama and chopped oranges, seasoned with chile piquin, and lime juice make this an incredible authentic pico de gallo recipe. What does Pico de Gallo mean in English? Pico de Gallo means “rooster’s beak”, it’s said … Continue reading Create a Mouth Watering Pico de Gallo | Great Salsa Recipe

Tomatillos Mexican Husk Tomato

Delicious Tomatillos Anaheim Chile Salsa Verde

Delicious Tomatillos Now Don’t Wait Another Moment Tomatillos pronounced toe-ma-tee-yas are delicious and healthy ingredient for many traditional Mexican food dishes and sauces.  You can find the tomatillo masquerading with other common names as the Mexican Husk Tomato, Ground Cherry, Mexican Green Tomato or even the Husk Berry. People confuse the Mexican Husk tomato with … Continue reading Delicious Tomatillos Anaheim Chile Salsa Verde

margret's picante sauce

Margaret´s Picante Sauce

What is the best tasting salsa ever? Is The Picante Sauce Your Neighbor Delivers When I first mentioned great-salsa.com to my sister Nancy, she said, “The best salsa is the salsa your neighbor delivers to your door with a cheerful smile and a tremendous amount of Love and the only salsa recipes you will ever … Continue reading Margaret´s Picante Sauce