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Fruit salsa recipes will provide healthy eating benefits and a little fun and laughter for your friends and family.

fresh fruit salsa the sweetness of pairing fruit with chiles

Savory Fruit Salsa

Delicious Mouth Watering Savory Fruit Salsa Fruit salsa recipe go beyond our love affair of tomato and chilies blended to perfection in a great salsa. Here we have a virtual free for all in any combination your creativity will conjure up. The sweetness of fruit paired with hot seasonings of chilies make these easy salsa … Continue reading Savory Fruit Salsa

Peaches A Sweet Taste of Sunshine

A Sweet Taste of Sunshine

A Sweet Taste of Sunshine by Arleen Kaptur Peaches are the food of kings and royalty. They are extra sweet, filled with juice that runs with each bite, and are versatile. They lend themselves to any meal and are a snack time treat. Eating them fresh and cold is just about the finest indulgence when … Continue reading A Sweet Taste of Sunshine