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Everything you want to know about chiles.

Hot Chiles – Salsa Recipes

How Warm Are Those Peppers? Hot Chiles, by and large, the bigger the pepper, the milder it is; the smaller, the hotter. The ribs of the peppers are where most of the capsaicin–the chemical that causes the mouth and skin to burn–is concentrated, but the seeds also contain a bit of the capsaicin. Removing the … Continue reading Hot Chiles – Salsa Recipes

Yellow Tam Habanero

Mild Golden Yellow Habanero

Mild Golden Yellow Habanero Coming Soon to a Garden Near You by Capt’n Salsa Wow Look! A mild Habanero that will not bring tears to your eyes. I absolutely crave and love the flavorful taste of the Habanero Pepper but just can’t bear the toe curling heat. Coming soon to your favorite farmer’s market and … Continue reading Mild Golden Yellow Habanero

The Habanero Chile

The Habanero Chile

The Habanero Chile By Jerry Powell A friend of mine once told me there is more to the culinary life than chile peppers. He might be right, but he keeps telling me this over my diner table, so go figure. The habanero chile (Capsicum chinense Jacquin) is the most intensely spicy chile pepper of the … Continue reading The Habanero Chile

Homemade Award Winning Chili

Boomas Revenge

$25,000 Winning Chili Recipe by Chef Karn Meats Every year California’s International Chili Society (ICS) sanctions chili cook offs all over the world to raise money for charities. The ICS has thousands of members, called Chiliheads around the globe that cook in and judge the chili contests. “Our sole purpose is to promote, develop and … Continue reading Boomas Revenge

Dried Chiles Make a Great Salsa

Making Salsa with Dried Chiles

Can Dried Chiles Make Great Salsa? Do these little raisin looking peppers really make a tasty and delicious salsa? The dry chile can be ground to a powder, soaked and the flesh scraped off, pureed or roasted to perfection. Shop for dried pepper pods just like you would any other produce you plan to cook … Continue reading Making Salsa with Dried Chiles

perfect homemade chili

Secret to Making Perfect Chili

The Secret To Making Perfect Chili Fit For A King By John Foutz Every autumn my thoughts turn to making chili. The garden is about done. The freezer is full of veggies. All the canning is done, and winter is coming. Just before winter hits, the price of beef drops as cattlemen sell off any … Continue reading Secret to Making Perfect Chili

Capt’n Salsa’s Fool Proof Chile Heat Index

Capt’n Salsa’s Fool Proof Chile Heat Index Chile heat index? Scoville units, what? Capsaicin? My mouth and hands are on fire, ouch! Well here I am making some delicious homemade salsa for the Monday Night Football game, and my mouth and hands are killing me. How can you stop the burning and get this salsa … Continue reading Capt’n Salsa’s Fool Proof Chile Heat Index