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Canning salsa from your very own garden is one of life’s true palate pleasing pleasures.

Spicy Jicama Salsa Recipe

Hot Spicy Jicama Salsa Recipe

Canning Salsa: Hot Spicy Jicama Salsa Hot Spicy Jicama Salsa   Save Print Ingredients 9 cups diced Jicama (you will need about 4 pounds purchased Jicama) 1 tablespoon whole mixed pickling spice 1 two-inch stick cinnamon 8 cups white vinegar (5 percent) 4 cups sugar 2 teaspoons crushed red pepper 4 cups diced yellow bell … Continue reading Hot Spicy Jicama Salsa Recipe

Acid Helps Preserve Food in Canning

Acids Help Preserve Canning Salsas

Canning Salsa Ingredients Acids Help Preserve Canning Salsas The acidic ingredients help preserve canned salsas. Acids have been used in salsa canning in boiling water to make them safe enough to do so. The acids are usually commercially bottled vinegar or lemon juice. Buy a vinegar of at least 5 percent acidity; do not use … Continue reading Acids Help Preserve Canning Salsas

Home Food Preservation and Canning

Preserving Food – Superb Sauces

Canning and Preserving Spectacular Salsas Sauces, relishes or dips that can spice up a meal or snack, salsas are enjoyed for intense flavors and colors. A combination of tomatoes, onions and peppers can add zest to chips. How To: Home Food Preservation and Canning Fruit, herbs and the “heat” of onion or pepper spooned across … Continue reading Preserving Food – Superb Sauces

Cranberry Spicy Salsa

Spicy Cranberry Salsa

Canning Salsa – Spicy Cranberry Salsa Caution: Wear plastic or rubber gloves and do not touch your face while handling or cutting hot peppers. If you do not wear gloves, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching your face or eyes. Chef Amanda shows us how to make chicken tacos with cranberry salsa. … Continue reading Spicy Cranberry Salsa

Canning Salsa Cautions and Reminders

Canning Salsa Cautions and Reminders Follow the directions carefully for each recipe. Use the amounts of each vegetable (peppers, onions, etc.) listed in the recipe. Add the amount of vinegar or lemon juice listed. Do not thicken salsas with flour, cornstarch or other starches before canning. If a thicker salsa is desired, add these ingredients … Continue reading Canning Salsa Cautions and Reminders

Quick Open the Can or…

Canned Salsa Recipe – “Open the Can?” My good friend Cajun Clark, “Da ol’ Mon” as he calls himself has been kind enough to share a great salsa recipe with us. You are going to find this one of the most delicious, skillfully prepared, properly seasoned and enjoyable hot salsa recipes…er…mild salsa recipes you have … Continue reading Quick Open the Can or…

Tomatillos Mexican Husk Tomato

Best Loved Canned Salsa

Canned Salsa Recipes Tomatillo Green Salsa | Chile Salsa Everyone loves fresh homemade canned salsa recipes and if you cannot stand the store bought varieties, then a great solution is to make your own. The process of canning can be quite time consuming. The resulting reward is so fantastic you will wonder “Why haven’t I … Continue reading Best Loved Canned Salsa

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