Quick Open the Can or…

Canned Salsa Recipe – “Open the Can?”

My good friend Cajun Clark, “Da ol’ Mon” as he calls himself has been kind enough to share a great salsa recipe with us.

You are going to find this one of the most delicious, skillfully prepared, properly seasoned and enjoyable hot salsa recipes…er…mild salsa recipes you have ever tasted.


You’ll see… get ready for the “Da ol’ Mon” to teach ya…

Open the Can Salsa, or …

Many a time a good, quick salsa would be appreciated to snack on, or to put the final canned salsa recipe touches on the dish being served. Here’s a way to accomplish that goal.

Remember, it’s the finished amount that’s important, that dictates the number of cans to open, and/or fresh veggies to chop, dice or mince.

Keeping that in mind:

TAKE two cans of diced tomatoes with chilies – whether you drain the juice is an individual decision based on how thick you want your salsa recipe – dump into a container; NEXT…

chopped onion to your desireADD as much chopped onion as you desire, or you can use onion chips; in addition, if you like bell pepper, chop some and add it.

AT THIS POINT: how much onion and/or bell pepper to go with one or two cans of tomatoes and chilies, or a couple of fresh tomatoes with or without a can of chopped or diced green chilies, is a personal decision.

Ask yourself, Do I like what I see?  Do I have just the right amount of each?  Or, do I need more of x, y, or z?

Digression over, it’s time to address the most difficult aspect of this almost-a-recipe:

What spices to use and how much of each?

And the cop-out is…

SEASON TO TASTE: which translates to, select one or more of the following spices: oregano, cilantro, crushed red pepper, garlic, salt, maybe some basil or thyme. Then you have to experiment.

Here’s how:

First, taste each spice to determine flavor and strength.

Second, decide which spices you are going to use.

Third, take a small amount of your unseasoned salsa, then add a minimum amount of those spices you’ve selected.

Mix. Taste. Now ask yourself, what’s missing?

What does it need more of?

Fourth, add, “the more of,” mix, taste.

Fifth, do it again if needed.

Sixth, write down the amount of spice you used for your entire batch; and type of veggie and the number of cans or fresh you used.

Seventh, call it good and enjoy…

Gee, Thanks Caj!

Fantastic salsa recipe, the lesson here is creativity, and yes, you control it.

Caj, you are a tremendous teacher. Thanks!

Canned salsa recipes. Delightful homemade salsas to make and to share.

The best salsa is Margret’s Picante Sauce your neighbor delivers to your door with a cheerful smile and a tremendous amount of Love.

Mystical Dining Experience. It’s No Accident. In Great Salsa Recipes, I ‘ll be happy to show you How To Create Delicious Salsa Concoctions

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